Tokenize Crypto Earn

Tokenize Crypto Earn allows you to safely deposit your cryptocurrencies with us to earn monthly interests in your crypto.

Users will earn simple interest in crypto (eg. BTC deposit, interest paid in BTC monthly). Hence, significantly increasing their crypto portfolio over time.

Opening an account is easy.
Learn more about how you can start earning interest or refer your friends by exploring our helpdesk.

Crypto Earn Referral Bonus

Earn as high as 10% APY on yours referee's crypto earn!

How it works?

  • User A refer User B to join Tokenize and User B participated in Tokenize Crypto Earn.
  • User B deposited 100 BTC into Crypto Earn with 6% APY.
  • User A will have a referral bonus of 10% of User's B interest for a month, which is 10% x 6% x 100 BTC x 1/12mths = 0.05 BTC
  • The 0.05 BTC [only one time off] will be credited to User A wallet in the subsequent month when interest is being paid out to User B's wallet.