Top 10 Cryptocurrency news sites for investors

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By Tokenize Xchange
June 16, 2021

No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran crypto trader, you all need to follow up on the market news and the technology updates. Among several news sites specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, it does matter for you to find out the trustworthy sources to protect you from fake news and scams. Below are the top 10 cryptocurrency news sites to provide you with the most recent and credible sources of news that you should not miss. Let’s check them out with Tokenize Xchange!

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1. Coindesk

Coindesk is one of the leaders in Cryptocurrency, digital assets, and blockchain technology news and information.

Launched in May 2013, CoinDesk has accessed millions of audiences through its ecosystem of website, social media, podcasts, newsletters, video, research, and live events. It was born to provide the latest news, research, and analysis to people who get interested in the field of cryptocurrency investment. If you haven’t bookmarked Coindesk on your browser, it’s time to do that!

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2. Coin telegraph

The second one we would like to introduce is CoinTelegraph. Similar to Coindesk, CoinTelegraph is a credible cryptocurrency news site that covers plenty of specific topics about digital assets, from Bitcoin news, Altcoin News, Price index, Market analysis, to Cryptopedia. 

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A great thing about CoinTelegraph is that it supports multilingual choices including English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Arabian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Turkish. 

3. Bitcoin magazine

If you have no interest in altcoins, you should check this site out right now! Bitcoin Magazine is a Bitcoin news site that focuses on Bitcoin and only Bitcoin news and information. This e-magazine covers various topics related to Bitcoin such as price data, analysis, information, and Bitcoin guides. 

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4. CCN

Don’t mistake this one for CNN, we know you did!

Founded in 2013, CCN is one of the oldest Bitcoin news sites. CCN used to focus mainly on Bitcoin, but now their topics are much more diverse. Traders and investors may find valuable crypto insights and important market information such as DLT events, ICO schedule, and crypto market cap. 

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5. Today on Chain

Another Cryptocurrency news site that provides numerous information and knowledge regarding crypto and Technology blockchain is TodayOnChain. It’s worth noting that TodayOnChain is a news aggregation platform that takes references from different crypto news websites like CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, CryptoNews, etc so you can easily access an abundance of sources of news without spending hours going through multiple news. Also, its simple interface is a plus!

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6. Null TX

Launched in 2014, Null TX has been a common name to cryptocurrency traders on the list of crypto news websites. Along with market news, Null TX brings you to their price analysis which contains the inspection on some digital coins like BTC, Dash, NEO, LTC, etc. 

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7. BeInCrypto

The next one on the list of Cryptocurrency news sites is BeInCrypto. This news platform supplies you with unbiased, authentic news and the latest updates of digital coins, fintech, and technology. Also, BeInCrypto developed a Youtube channel for cryptocurrency explanation. 

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8. Crypto Briefing

Founded in 2017 with an aim for highlighting the builders and warning about the scammers, Crypto Briefing has been growing to become a credible source for the crypto community. 

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9. Bitcoinist

Unlike its name, Bitcoinist is an informative platform that covers not only Bitcoin news but also a wide range of important cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies. Founded in 2012, Bitcoinist has reached more than 2 million audiences per month. If you are looking for a news source with valuable educational articles regarding crypto, Bitcoinist is a good choice!

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10. Tokenize Blog

And last but not least, Tokenize Blog

Along with our promotion programs and exchange announcements, Tokenize Blog provides you with the latest market news, helpful cryptocurrency information, price analysis, and investment guides. We summarize and analyze crypto information to help you with your investment, avoid scams, and learn more about the market. 

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And here are our top 10 cryptocurrency news sites! Cryptocurrency trading is never an easy path, and investing in your knowledge is a must! Keep following Tokenize Blog for more crypto articles!

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