Tokenize Xchange Lists PENDLE

By Tokenize Xchange
September 08, 2023

Dear Tokenize Xchange Users,

We are thrilled to announce that Pendle (PENDLE) will be trading live on Tokenize Xchange from 8 September 2023, 10:00 SGT. Users can now buy PENDLE instantly in SGD and USD. 



Created in 2020, Pendle is a permissionless yield-trading protocol where users can execute various yield-management strategies, offering users yields in the form of tradable tokens. Pendle enables the TradFi interest derivative market’s accessibility by creating a yield market in DeFi, unlocking the full potential of yield and allowing users to execute advanced yield strategies. 

Pendle recently launched their  first real-world assets (RWA) based product by using Flux FInance’s fUSDC stablecoin and MakerDAO’s Boosted Dai Savings (sDAI).

Read More about PENDLE – 


What can you do with PENDLE on Tokenize Xchange? 

Trade PENDLE directly with Singapore Dollars (SGD) and US Dollars (USD)

  • Tokenize Xchange users will be able to buy & sell PENDLE in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and US Dollars (USD) when they fund their accounts with SGD or USD. 
  • Deposit and Withdrawal wallet functions to be announced again.



Tokenize Xchange Team,

September 8, 2023


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